Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time to Get Real

I am pleased to report that the standard edition test/development is finally winding down. There are still some loose ends (there always are) but the vast majority of the program is now in its final state. Man, it's been a really long haul!

The next step is to begin the Real Time testing. I nearly have all the new SkyTools 3 features integrated into the Real Time tab. In the next day or two I'll release it to the team for basic testing, which I have every reason to expect will go quickly. Then the fun begins! I've sketched out the new mounts and ASCOM features that I want to extend Real Time to support. Primarily that will involve adding support for the Argo Navis, Servo Cat, and various push-to devices based on the Tangent chip. Working in tandem with a test team is essential for this next step since I don't have access to any of these devices. Nevertheless, based on previous experience with Real Time, for once I'm confident that this won't take more than a few weeks.